Head, helmet-DTC Salvo
Torso-25th Bazooka modded
Legs-ROC Heavy Duty
Hands-Major Barrage
Weapon-original figure's missile launcher

Salvo was in the Operation Dragonfire miniseries which sadly was the high point of the DIC run. I realized there wasn't much characterization and I didn't like the lack of quality in the animation. I did like the figure and I loved the commercials that Sunbow was still animating. I took the overall size of Salvo from a commercial featuring him and used that as my model for this figure.

He didn't have to be as tall as Roadblock but I did want him wide and the Bazooka body was a perfect fit for that. I did want to get rid of the football jersey look though so I sculpted the upper portion of his shirt to make it look more like a t-shirt and did some work to his arms I also dremeled away the lines of the jersey and also dremeled away at the sides of the torso to make him look more muscular and less bulky.

Lastly I really liked the DTC Salvo head and helmet so I wanted to use them hear. I absolutely had to use his missile launcher though since that was so much of what made the character who he was. I had considered using that other mine launching weapon he came with but just though it looked too out of place and decided to drop it.

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