Head-3.75" wrestling line
Body, Lower Arms-25th Bazooka
Upper Arms-25th Copperhead

Let me be honest I hated Sgt. Slaughter when he first showed up on the cartoon. I wasn't a fan of wrestling and didn't want to see it in GI Joe. However Slaughter soon began to grow on me and I really liked him in the Marvel comic and in the '87 movie I felt he really came into his own.

After hearing so many stories of how cool and nice the real Sgt. Slaughter is I really wanted to make a figure of him. 1986 is also possibly my favorite year for GI Joe and I really have wanted to complete all of the figures from that series. I felt the cartoon and the toyline were in their golden years right about then.

For Slaughter there really wasn't much to do. I did some slight modding to the head and then dremeled down the Bazooka jersey to make it more like a wife beater. I didn't want to go with the wrestling shirt that Hasbro chose and felt this look gave him a bit more dignity and respect. After dremeling down the collar of his shirt I spent a lot of time resculpting it and smoothing it out so that it looked as natural as possible. I left out his whistle because I never really liked that and was trying to make my Slaughter more battle ready and the whistle seemed to not fit in.

I then went about giving him a paint job based on his original Triple T figure and his look in the cartoon. I wanted "the Sarge" more ripped than his Hasbro figure portrayed him so I also went about adding a bit more muscle definition to the Bazooka jersey to achieve that look for him.

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