Head: 25th Breaker, modified with Green stuff beard and painted on wrinkles.
Body: Indiana Jone's Cairo Swordsman
Legs: Star Wars Imperial Guard
Belt: Chap Mei
Staff: Evil Dead Accessory (I think)
Sword and Scabbard: Prince Caspian
Hat: Green stuff

This was one of my entries for NJC#56. It's Gandalf but I chose to call him by his Gondorian (Sindarin) name which means 'The grey pilgrim'.

The hardest part to sculpt was the beard as I had to hold it in place with tape. The hat was my favourite piece to make and paint. I intentionally left out the moustache as I wanted the figure to be an original interpretation. The Chap Mei belt was added to highlight the fact that Gandalf is a wandering wizard as it contains a large satchel and a telescope.

The final picture is a Diorama; it's my interpretation of the chapter 'Out of the frying pan and into the fire' from 'The Hobbit'.

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