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Sigma 6 : Arctic Snake Eyes Vest
Sigma 6 : Hi-Tech body
Sigma 6 : Pants (forget who)
Disney Tarzan Head
Custom made Ax

Code Name: TIMBIT
File Name: Cruller, French
Birthplace: Hamilton, Ontario. CANADA

TIMBIT is the cousin of Back-Stop, and considered an honorary member of the Canadian Joe Team. While not "blood" relatives, (his aunt married Back-Stop's father), the two grew up seeing each other every Christmas and at family weddings, since Timbit grew up in Hamilton, Ontario, which is about a 3 hour drive from Detroit, Michigan where Back-Stop lived.

It's been said it's best not to get in the way of TIMBIT before he's had his morning coffee. If he doesn't get his 'Double Double', he's about as mean to deal with as all the Dreadnoks at once. Back-Stop can attest to this after having numerous fist fights with him as kids.

Growing up in downtown Hamilton was boring and depressing for Timbit. He preferred the country air and the sound of wind blowing through the trees. Downtown Hamilton didn't have any of that. As he grew older, the sound of police sirens, parties, and drunks walking past his apartment was too much for him to handle any longer. So he moved out west to British Columbia and took up a job at a local Tim Hortons Donut shop delivering fresh baked Donuts and Muffins to other smaller Tim Horton locations. The irony of delivering for a chain of stores that got their start in his hometown wasn't lost on him.

It was around the same time that his cousin, Back-Stop, joined the Joe team that Timbit made a suggestion to head office about making deliveries to the bases of the men and woman that protect this great nation. The head of Tim Hortons at that time agreed, and made Timbit the official delivery driver.

His weekly deliveries of coffee and donuts to the Canadian Headquarters has boosted morale on more than one occasion. A long time Tim Hortons employee, TIMBIT takes his job very seriously. Ensuring his deliveries arrive on time & not a minute later, he often brings extra tins of Coffee for troops in the field.

Cobra North has made numerous attempts to catch TIMBIT and his trailer full of goods. However, each time has been in vain. He never seems to take the same route twice! This is no longer an issue as Timbit has enlisted officially for helicopter flight training with the Joes. His mission is to keep delivering all that Canadian goodness to the Joes, via air.

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