Head: Countdown v2
Torso: Wildbill v2
Arms: Hit and Run
Crotch: Leatherneck v3
Legs: Leatherneck v3

AP Bazooka Helmet
AP Duke Bp
Topside Machine gun

Codename: Frontline
File Name Name: Fletcher Milsap
Primary Military Specialty: Reconnaissance
Secondary Military Specialty: Infantry
Birthplace: Moravian Falls, North Carolina Grade: E-5

Frontline may just be your average "joe" but when you need the information on Cobra before entering the fray he is the man to do it. Growing up in the foothills of North Carolina, Frontline basically lived in the woods, where he learned many things about hunting and surviving in the wild from his parents, and these skills pay off when you need to send someone in quick and quiet to survey the scene. Also due to this training he learned how to be more observant and attentive than most, thus making him the guy to go to if you needed dirt on something. When recruited for the Joe team one expects to be surprised, however Frontline told his recruiter that "I knew about you guys coming a week ago."

"If there is anyone that I want to be around, and those people are few and far between, its definitely Frontline. He knows how to move in the wild, if he weren't so good at intel I would want him teaching survival with me." - Outback

This figure was spawned by me getting a bunch of custom fodder at a local thrift store. I just took apart a few figures and started putting parts combos together, and Frontline was born.
Seeing this part combo the first thing I thought was a green shirt. However, he needed to be a green shirt with some character, like the joes from 82-83 who all wore green.

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