Head: Falcon v1
Torso, Arms: 25th Roadblock
Upper Legs: ROC Neo Viper
Lower Legs: Blackout V1

While on detached duty to the UK, the big bad Green Beret was overwhelmed while crashing out in his bunk in Blandford during the mass storming of Dorset. Blandford never had a chance - they were still fighting a "terrorist chemical attack" rather than understanding the true nature of the threat. He never saw it coming, never had a chance to avoid the bites and scratches. They ate half his face off. Now he's as mindless as the rest of them. Now he's just waiting for his turn to get collected by a Night Man.

This is a custom made for a Secret Santa present to work in SGCaper's "All that Remains" Universe. After making a British team, I had to make a zombie for them to wail on. This is actually my first Zombie custom. I started with a badly damaged Falcon head. I used a white primer base coat, a neon green for the skin tone, and hand rubbed in some purple paint for the blood. Very satisfying effect. If you look very closely you can see the white poking through at the jawline and cheek as exposed bone, where the skin has been flayed off.

One of the things that I love about ATR is how he can vengefully kill off main characters that are pretty high on themselves. I like to think of the Falcon that got killed here as the one from GI JOE: the Movie. He was an ass. I also had one of those useless damaged parts (the falcon head) that was so damaged, that you keep it for that Zombie custom that you do... one day. Well the head finally got it's day, and I got to play with some painting techniques that I read in some old lead miniatures gaming books that I had lying around. I've been looking to try them for some time, but the look that they produce didn't fit into my regular work. This was a great chance to try them and do my first Zombie custom.

Note that the legs also are missing the secondary connector joint, so they bend the wrong way in a most unsettling angle.

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