Head: Gung Ho
Body: Big-Ben
beret: epoxy

File Name: Lion, Jean
Primary MOS: Infanteria
Secondary MOS: Paracaidismo
Birthplace: Paris, Francia
Grade: Teniente

LION is a young man serving in the French Army in the 1st. Hunters Parachute Regiment (1er RCP), later joined the Legion in the 2nd Regiment. Foreign Paratroopers (2e REP), this last unit participated in various operations around the world, participated in Djibouti - (Prevention) - Kosovo - (intervention), Afghanistan - (Intervention), Côte d'Ivoire - (intervention) is considered the best of his generation.

LION GIJoe Team was sent by the French Army in the L. F. E.
French Foreign Legion is an elite Army unit created by Frances order of King Louis Philippe of Orleans on March 9, 1831

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