Cobra Trooper (Mass-Device box set)

Cobra Trooper Web gear
Cobra Officer Helmet
Cobra Trooper/Officer Rifle
94 Lifeline Medical case
02 Stalker Flare Gun

Prop hacksaw taken from some old CORPS! Set

Being they'd finally dropped in price, I picked up the first round of DVD packs for Custom fodder. I already had plenty of Trooper/officer bodies laying around (in tact or no) and didn't know what to do with him. I was digging through my stockpile of old decals when I came up on this Red Cross set I'd found at a hobby shop years ago. And taking the white into account, this just clicked. Retro Medi-viper.

His kneepads, helmet sigil, and a bit on the web gear was all that I painted with Marker. The hardest part was getting these decals to stick on the helmet. I actually wasted 3 perfectly good decals when they just wouldn't stick. The Briefcase was going to go to an attempted Gristle custom that was dropped ages ago.

Cobra Medic
File Name: Various
PMF: Field Medic
SMF: Infantry, Intelligence
Birthplace: Various

Medi-Vipers serve as frontline Medics for Cobra forces. Hand picked and personally trained by Dr. Venom to 'refine' their skills and bedside manner. Despite many having little more than Grunt-level status, they are skilled medics capable of effective triage and front-line treatment. Each has also gone through the same Standard Basic training as the rest of Cobra's faceless legions, as Medi-Vipers are also required to join the Main Infantry forces in battle, should the need arise.

"Medi-Vipers give the term 'Meatball surgery' a whole new meaning. Composed of Med-school drop outs and back-alley Doctors from across the globe, it's their duty to 'repair and recycle' injured units and get them back out on the field as quickly, but not necessarily as painlessly, as possible. Despite the mind-numbing discomfort, Cobra legions consider this a small price to pay, considering what generally happens to those who can't keep fighting."

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