head= ? (modified with beanie cap)
torso= firefly
arms= ?
crotch/ legs= tunnel rat

gun= corps
backpack= ?
charge wire= something from a printer
raft= g.i.joe action marine

Born in Italy, Ramsis was once the worlds greatest thief. He had a passion for artwork, especially rare and expensive pieces. He could slip in a museum take anything he wanted before anybody would even know its missing. He was hired by cobra and stole many great works of art from all over the globe. Cobra sent him on a mission to infiltrate the Joe headquarters and steal top secret files. It was only after he bypassed all of the Joe headquarters security codes and broke in that he got caught, by none other than Tunnel Rat. Tunnel Rat thought that he might be a good asset to the Joe team so he gave him a choice. You either work for us and become a G.I. Joe or we inform authorities and have you arrested. Being a easy choice Ramsis joined, and has been loyal ever since.

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