Head: Tunnel-Rat
Chest: Sure Fire
Arms: Pathfinder V2
Waist: Tollbooth
Thighs: Shockwave
Feet: Dial-Tone

Rifle: submachine gun Para-Viper v2

Code name: Rush-Hour
File Name: Lee, Duncan, T
P.M.S: Beach-cat driver
S.M.S: Urban assault
Birthplace: Liverpool, Chinatown, England
Grade: E-5 (Sergeant)
S.N: D77-T7-L900

A lot has happened since helping the Joes to retake Liverpool. General Hawk gave Rush-Hour a place in the Joes team and was given a promotion to Sergeant. In the last three weeks before taking Liverpool back, a small recon team was overdue to return from a mission. Dial-Tone was listening to Cobra communication and over heard that a Viper unit had a recon team pinned down in a building. More units were sent on the way. However, Rush-Hour captured a Hiss tank mark 5 two days before and was using it against Cobra forcse. Rush-Hour and seven heavily armed men go off.

Along the way they encounter Hiss Tanks and troops that they deal with easily. By the time that Rush-Hour and the others got to the recon team, who are heavy pined down, Rush-Hour took out three hiss tanks. Then a Cobra Hiss tank came crashing though a building, took one shot, and took out Rush-Hour's tank with him still inside it. Low-Light ran over with Beach-head to pull him out. Beach-Head carries him back to their lines. A few hours later he comes to in the field hospital with General Hawk sitting on the bed next to him. He told Rush-Hour what happened. General Hawk and Rush-Hour talked for a few minutes then General Hawk stood up and said, "Welcome to the team son."

A month later on the training field Frostbite left the keys in a new Snow-Cat mk2. Rush-Hour jumped in and sped off in it. Frostbite ran after it while Rush-Hour laughed. Frostbite stops, turns, and runs back to another Snow-cat to pull out the radio. All he gets out off Rush-Hour is that he is just trying it out. On the field are three captured a Hiss tank he heads for them. He stops just after going past one, turns the Snow-cat around, climbs into the turret and fires at the left side of the Hiss tank. It slams on its side. Rush-Hour pulls himself out of the turret and back into the driver seat and then sped off again. A few minutes later he does a u-turn and faced the Hiss tank. General Hawk was watching along with Frostbite and a few others too.

He revved the engine for 5 or 10 minutes he slams it into gear getting to the speed of 75mph. He hit the Hiss tank, jumped through the air and landed 26 feet away. Every one who watched cheered. Frostbite said "I didn't know it could do that," looking shocked. Rush-Hour pulled up to General Hawk. Every one around said "armor" to General Hawk, who looked around and said "Fine." The rest is history.

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