Whole figure - 25th DVD Destro

Hailing from Riga, Lavia, Anton Nobokov was once a member of the Soviet army. Having a history for behavioral problems within the military, Nobokov was court martialled for stealing a commissioner's car, and subsequently assaulting the GRU troops who sought to arrest him. The charges were dropped when a senior officer witnessed Nobokov's superior driving skill, and recruited him as a chauffeur to a high ranking General.

After being ambushed by the Red Shadows whilst on a mission in Finland, Nobokov was drafted into the Action Force team, assuming the codename Jackal. His old habits resurfaced though, and Jackal distanced himself from his team mates. Whilst testing a new Z Force jeep, Jackal was ambushed again by the Red Shadows.

Though critically injured when his jeep crashed into a gorge, Baron Ironblood ordered his body to be taken to secret labs for cybernetic enhancement.

Now sporting an armour plated cranium, bionic hands and augmented vision, Red Jackal has become a key member of Baron Ironblood's staff, as well as a fearsome hand to hand combatant and the Hyena tank's deadly driver.

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