ARAH Hawk v2 head
ARAH Snake Eyes v2 torso
ARAH Torpedo v1 arms
SAS Force Stalker legs/waist

ARAH V1 Airborne rifle
ARAH v1 Mutt helmet
ARAH Snake Eyes v1/v2 Uzi
ARAH Bazooka v1 bazooka
ARAH Big Bear v1 back pack

This figure is my AF/Joeverse alter-ego, a British para turned SAS commando who joined Action Force to kick Cobra tail.

Bodycount joined the British Army after doing badly in his end-of-school exams, he was a mediocre soldier to start with, but succeeded in joining the Parachute Regiment. He served in the Falklands War in 1982 as part of 2 Para's D Company, fighting at Goose Green and Wireless Ridge. Following the war, he was promoted to Lance-Corporal. In 1984, he was part of a 2 Para exercise that was attacked by the Red Shadows and rescued by SAS Force. In 1986, he worked with 22 SAS Regiment in Santalla whilst on UN peace-keeping duties. After promotion to Sergeant, he joined 22 SAS, where he learned to use over 50 weapons from the armoury and gained the nick-name 'Bodycount' after an op gone bad in Columbia. He was hand-picked for SAS Force by Eagle and now serves alongside Quickfire, Eagle and the rest battling Cobra in Europe.

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