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Head: Recoil 89 heavily modified
Chest: Tracker 91 heavily modified
Arms: Surefire 2001
Waist: Shockwave 88
Thighs: Buzzer 85
Feet: Scoop 89

Helmet: Duke 2000
Backpack: Downtown 89
Mortar: Mortar defense unit 84
Rifle: Submachine gun Para-Viper v2

Short Fuze is another figure in the GI Joe toy line that hasn't been in any sub-unit apart from Winter Operations. To me, even that was rubbish. So I thought I would put the figure into my own Beach-Head's Brigade team. I am very pleased with how he looks.

Beach-Head's file:
From day one I've always wanted Short Fuze in my unit. I completely trust Short Fuse with my life, and I wouldn't have it any other way. His abilities are very necessary here. I have faith in his abilities and I know the others look up to him as well.

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