Head: Order 66 Palpatine with Legacy Han Solo goggles and part of strap from MU Hawkeye
Body: 25th Crimson Guardsman
Left Arm: Clone Wars Ziro's Assassin Droid
Main chair: Cobra Terrordrome with: Lego cart wheels, Astromech unit side wheels, Astromech legs, aluminium mesh, plasticard, a Deep Six v2 backpack (life support unit) and sundry other items I found in my bits box.

About a month ago, a friend of mine and myself were discussing amongst other things, Steampunk, Doctor Who, and the Daleks. We started wondering what would happen if you combined steampunk and Doctor Who, setting the scene in 1930s Germany, taking the Nazi allegory of the Thal/Kaled war to its logical conclusion.

Davros von Schillborn was born in Austria in 1879. He was a child prodigy of genius level who studied medicine, mechanics and physics at Heidelberg University. He came to the Kaiser's attention with his radical ideas on early eugenics and bio-mechanical implants, and his work with drugs and hypnotism which he did in association with his chief assistant Dr Heinrich Sinnesbieger. In 1910, the Kaiser appointed Davros head of the newly created Imperial Science Corps, Unit 11, located at Camp Loki near the Rhine.

The work continued there until World War 1 when the institute was put on a war footing, looking to create weapons of mass destruction, especially poison and nerve gases. Davros himself organized allied POWs coming through the camp into a slave labour force, and was given permission to perform experiments upon any prisoners he wished. After a breakout by six allied prisoners early in 1918, security and armaments around the camp were doubled, but a young Lieutenant in the Air Corps managed to drop a single bomb down one of the chimneys leading to the underground furnace.

The resulting explosions killed many of the science corps. Davros was severely wounded, losing his left arm at the elbow, receiving severe damage to his eyes, his spine was shattered by shrapnel and his lungs and throat were exposed to some of the chemicals he had been mixing in his laboratory. He was saved by his head of security, Major Maximillian Nyder, who despite horrific injuries of his own, managed to drag his mentor and friend out of the rubble.

Over the next ten years, Davros worked on the technologies to help repair their injuries. He developed a breathing system and electronic right eye for Nyder, and a life support system built into a motorized wheelchair for himself, as well as a device to augment his damaged eyesight. His bitterness against the former allied nations drove him on in his work, first funded by the Weimar Republic and later by the National Socialists.

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