Head: Last Crusade Colonel Vogel
Body: Resolute Destro
Left Hand: RoC Doctor Rex
Right Eye: Eyepiece from GI Joe rifle
Breathing mask/Respirator: Starkiller Concept figure
Butt pack: Phantom Menace accessory pack

I bought the Resolute Destro with the intention of making a completely different character, but when I embarked on making my steampunk Davros, I knew that it was teh perfect figure for his henchman Nyder. I purposely went for a mix of steanpunk, Nazi and Darth Vader.

Maximilian Nyder Born in Prussia in 1894. Attended the Prussian Military Academy and graduated top of his class. He was considered by his tutors to be highly intelligent, cunning and cold-bloodedly ruthless. He won all fifteen of the duels he fought, and instigated, at the academy, blinding two of his opponents and crippling a third man. He was a crack shot and superb strategist. As soon as World War One broke out, he was sent straight to the front as a Lieutenant in a Stormtrooper Battalion. His tactical brilliance meant that he lost far fewer troops than his fellow officers, and managed to accrue a far higher kill rate as well. This alongside a fair but brutal regime and extreme courage under fire meant that by the end of 1916 he had been promoted to Captain and twice received the Iron Cross First Class.

Upon joining the army, he quickly realised that his lack of social and political standing meant that he would never advance far beyond the rank of Captain. He was hungry and ambitious to improve his station, and looked around for something or someone to attach his flag to. He learned of the Kaiser's pet scientific elite, Unit 11. Knowing that once Germany won the war, such projects would be highly favoured, he shocked his commanding officer by applying for the vacant post of Security Chief of the Science Bunker at Camp Loki.
Over the next year, he became very close to Davros, the two men becoming friends and Davros promoting Nyder to the rank of Major and his second in command.

When the bunker was bombed, Nyder was in the lab with his mentor. Chemicals burned away most of the flesh on his left hand and his left eye. While he was rescuing Davros from the rubble of the bunker, a canister of poison gas erupted in his face, causing scorching to his lungs. When Davros had recovered sufficiently, he created a breathing apparatus that was a cross between a respirator and humidifier to allow Nyder to breathe normally. He also created a mechanical left hand for him and over the next ten years, managed to perfect an electronic eye.

The two men remained friends, and when Nyder was inducted into the SS in 1929 being promoted to Colonel, and the General in 1933, he was allowed to stay on as Davros's personal Chief of Staff.

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