Saw Viper Head
Destro v. 10 (body)
Hands unknown

Julius is the direct clone of Julius Caesar, with the brain pattern and memories of both his namesake and Serpentor. He is currently the head of the Coil Command, an elected position among the Coil leadership. He has proven to be the most stable of the clones, helping him maintain control amongst his "brothers"

He has legitimized the Coil as a charitable foundation and corporation. He has denounced the violent ways of Cobra and the earlier incarnation of the Coil. Of course having known terrorists and criminals on his payroll has left General Hawk and the other Joes skeptical of their change of heart.

From the files of General Hawk: Julius is cunning, charming and engaging...I don't trust him. Snake blood is hard to get rid of, and he's got it coursing through him....despite all his efforts to convince us otherwise.

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