Head- Slayer design studios
Torso- MU Hawkeye
Upper arms- MU Union Jack
Lower arms- IH Gotham Knights Batman
Upper/Lower legs- SHS Namor
Other costume details were added with apoxie sculpt and the belt is from a Kubrick Batman figure.

When Cobra Commander broke a rift between dimensions, he allowed the characters of the DC universe to inhabit our world. At first he thought that with the unlimited powers that certain individuals had that they could be an asset to cobra and destroying the Joes. However when madmen like the Joker and other rogues entered the equation, this plan fell apart. The Joes then entered the rift and pulled the defenders of that planet earth here to clean up Cobra's mess. Among them was Bruce Wayne, The Batman. A privileged multi billionaire who after witnessing the death of his parents, became the protector of Gotham city, Batman. While visiting this parallel earth Bruce discovers that his parents are alive here, and he is conflicted on whether or not he should return home. As this Wayne's son Bruce died tragically when he was only eight years old.

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