Staff head of Cobra Commander Staff
Swamp Rat body

C.O.I.L. soldiers line the halls of all Coil offices. To the unobservant bystander they would appear as statues, perhaps even ancient art. In reality, they are a outdated model of B.A.T. fitted with snake heads to give them the art feel.

C.O.I.L. soldiers have not been observed in the field, not yet at least. It appears as though they would have a hard time maneuvering, that head motion would be minimal.

They appear to have no weaponry systems, having to rely on standard hand held weapons.

From the files of General Hawk : I'm not fooled by these robots, they may be outdated, but they still pack a punch without the fear of losing a soldier. These are further proof to me that this new incarnate of the Coil is more sinister than their public image.

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