Head: 25th Zap
Body: Python patrol crimson guard
Kepi: ROC Zartan
Sword: IJ Irena Spalko
Belt and sword sheath: Rubber bands

This was my first entry into the Original Joe Competition

File Name: Noblesse, Jean Francoise
Affiliation: Cobra
Primary military Specialty: Infantry Commander
Secondary military specialty: Tank Commander
Birthplace: Paris, France
Rank: Captain
From a very young age, Jean Francois Noblesse felt that the worst thing that had happened to France was the establishment of a Republic. He was enthralled with the idea of absolute monarchs and chivalrous knights. It was for this reason that he joined the French Foreign Legion. He was known as 'Fer de lance' (the spearhead) as he believed that 'l audace' was always the best policy. He was dishonorably discharged when, against orders, he assaulted a heavily defended position and although the Legionaries won the day it was a Pyrrhic victory, Noblesse lost two thirds of his men.

Wandering aimlessly all over Europe it was not until he met the Baroness De Cobray that he found a new purpose. Noblesse became convinced that the world needed a new absolute Monarch and the only man for the job was the Cobra Commander.

'Who said the French couldn't fight?' -Major Bludd

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