Head-MU Bucky
Torso and upper arms- MU Bucky
Lower arms - Crimson Guard
Lower legs- Avatar figure
Other details were used from scrap pieces in my junk box.

During World War II the United States created a weapon in Steve Rogers to attack the Nazi's on there front lines and instill hope in our soldiers with his patriotic uniform. However Rogers was only a prototype in what was intended to be a series of soldiers. This plan was thwarted by the krauts and Rogers was a commodity that the American government wanted to keep alive. They then assigned private Bucky Barnes as an escort to take some of the heat off Rogers in battle and if necessary act as a human shield should he need to. This appeared to be the case near the end of the war when Bucky was strapped to a rocket and pushed Rogers to safety in the icy waters below. Later he would be used as a tool of Cobra to attack Captain America, but that is another story and another time.

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