Head - Muton
Body - Comic Iron Man MkI
Head guns - IM2 War Machine casts
Knife - 25th Snake Eyes

Even more powerful and heavily armoured than the original Muton, the Alpha model is the ultimate first line of attack.
Capable of operating in any environment, and with no known weaknesses, the Muton Alpha is the ultimate machine of death.
It houses multi micro rocket launchers and a chain gun on it's head, allowing the incredibly powerful arms to smash enemy tanks and building to pieces. Powerful enough to lift approximately 20 tons, the Alpha model is virtually unstoppable.
The CPU is a cutting edge AI device totally programmed by Baron Ironblood to achieve the Red Shadow's aims, and is completely hack proof and booby trapped with a mini nuclear device should it be tampered with.

"The Muton Alpha is death. Plain and simple."

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