Head: Cast from original Baron Ironblood helmet
Body: Comic Pack Grand Admiral Thrawn
Logo: inkjet vinyl

I made a Baron Ironblood a few years back, but after seeing some of the recent versions, I became rather unhappy with what I had made. As far as possible, I have tried to make my new figures as close to the originals as I could.
I got myself a Legacy Thrawn figure to save on the painting. The thing was so tiny, I had to separate it at the waist, cut both arms mid bicep, cut both legs just above the boots and extend all of those parts.
I still had the mold I made from the original Palitoy Baron Ironblood vinyl helmet, so I just cast up another. I am actually happier with this one than the first, even though I damaged the mold slightly when taking the very first cast out.
I considered painting the red and black on his uniform, then I decided it would look much better if I printed the whole thing out onto inkjet vinyl and stuck it on.

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