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Head: Batman Begins figure
Body: Marvel Universe Namor
Cape/glove ridges: DCIH Batman
Belt: Slice v6

To: Director, Homeland Security
From: Clayton Abernathy

My team was in Gotham City to investigate a lead on a possible Cobra enclave. They found it . . . or what was left of it.

Someone beat them to the punch.

We had heard rumors of some sort of vigilante operating in this city . . . apparently, they are true.

The Cobra cell members we interrogated were terrified. They decribed some dark entity that could fly, blend into shadows, dissappear at will . . . Snake-Eyes has his own view on what this guy is. Or, at least, in how he was trained.

The locals call the guy, "Batman," or "The Batman." They also mention other vigilantes in the city that seem to work for, or partner with this "Batman" character. Including a possible minor.

From what intelligence we have gathered, we seem to be dealing with a highly trained, highly motivated, and well financed individual/s.

A return trip to Gotham may be warranted.

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