Head (with sculpting), thighs: ROC General Hawk
Torso, upper arms, lower legs, feet: 25th Snake Eyes
Lower arms, hands: SW Imperial Engineer
Vest: 25th Beach Head
Web Gear: 25th Airborne
Backpack: '85 Flint
Machine Gun: um...Broken Arrow?

Primary Military Specialty: Commando

"Enterprises must be prepared with specially trained troops of the hunter class, who can develop a reign of terror first of all on the 'butcher and bolt' policy." Prime Minister Winston Churchill, May 1940

Such was the proposal to create Commando units in World War II, light infantry capable of hit-and-run raids, self-sustaining, lightning-fast and able to cover wide range of territory. Hackle's Scottish grandfather was a member of the 11th (Scottish) Commando units, and he would entertain young Hackle until all hours with stories of their tactics and misadventures raiding the enemy. Upon enlistment Hackle began studying and further developing these offensive techniques, adding his own strategies to the concept of raiding the enemy. Of course, the perfect place for a soldier of these proclivities was the GI Joe team!

Hackle wears the Glengarry given to him by his grandfather at all times as a reminder to himself and the men he leads of the fine tradition they continue:

"To be one of my Commando--a raider--takes discipline, cunning, and a sense of adventure. You must be able to rely on the men around you to be of the same attitude. You must know a little about everything-just enough to be dangerous!"

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