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Head, arms: Night Creeper V9 ('05)
Torso: ROC Neo Viper
Upper Legs, knives: Ranger Viper V2 ('05)
Lower legs, feet: 25th Viper
Backpack: 25th Major Bludd
Scarf: ROC Desert Duke
Chestplate: POC Storm Shadow
Various bladed weapons, belt, pouches: fodder bin
Alternate Helmet: ROC Eel

File Name: Unknown
Primary Specialty: Bladed Weapons Expert
Secondary Specialty: Assassin
Birthplace: unknown village in Cambodia

The man who would become the assassin known as the Saffron Cobra saw his entire family killed while he was a child during the Communist Khmer revolution in Cambodia. As an orphan he was raised in a monastery but found the peaceful tutelage of his keepers to be weak and frustrating, especially in the face of bloody oppression. Having concluded that there was no such thing as morality, only strength and cunning, he practiced with bladed weapons in secret until he was a master. On the bloody day he left he took as a trophy from the monks a piece of the saffron-colored robes they wore as a reminder of their weakness in the face of his--and all--aggression.

Having become a master of the art of killing, and motivated only by self-preservation and monetary gain, he is exactly the kind of mercenary Cobra Commander is looking for!

"Fools follow governments, religions, other men. There is nothing but the self, and the man who becomes a master of himself, untouched by emotion, honed and sharpened physically and mentally, can cut through this world like a razor!" --The Saffron Cobra

"Circumstances can make a man compassionate or brutal. Would the Saffron Cobra have become the killer he is today without the circumstances he's endured? It's sad to see someone become a sociopath because of the cards they've been dealt, then again, it's quite possible this man would have chosen the path of violence wherever he was born, and whatever he experienced!" --excerpt from U.S. intelligence file
Two years ago I was visiting Cambodia. When we asked if there were any poisonous snakes in Cambo we were told about a couple, including the Saffron Cobra - of course I knew someday I'd make a custom using that name! I didn't intend for him to be such a violent character but, well, that's what I got.

The Saffron Cobra figure comes with 2 heads. I like to imagine like PoC Snake Eyes there have been many versions of the character and the modern era version has 2 masks from different eras of his production history!

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