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head: Gung Ho
arms: Gung Ho
torso: Saw Viper (customs)
pelvis and foot: Hawk

File Name: Fernandez Cosme, J. Daniel
The 1st Military Specialty: Special Operations Secret
The 2nd Military Specialty: Skydiving HAHO / HALO
Birthplace: Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico
Grade: the 1st Captain
Nickname: Ferco.

FERCO is an expert in covert operations conducted abroad. He has had courses with the Green Beret, SEALs, and next to the black bees in Brazil. While passing through the Kaibil training, is considered one of the men more prepared and hopefully is true to Mexico. He is the creator of a cell of select soldiers to fight the enemies of Mexico and is supported by Colonel Sierra and Major Alpha 2.
This man is a Mexican army Hero.

Remains true to the motto of Special Forces: ALL FOR MEXICO.

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