head: Gung Ho
arms: Gung Ho
torso: Saw Viper (customs)
pelvis and foot: Hawk
Cap (type Marine): epoxy

File Name: Fernandez Garcia, Jared
The 1st Military Specialty: Naval Esp Op Coordinator
The 2nd Military Specialty: Tactical Combat Diver
Birthplace: Nuevo Laredo, Tamaulipas, Mexico
Grade: Lieutenant
Nickname: Laredo

LAREDO entered Parachute Battalion of the Marine Corps of the Navy of Mexico after entering the Navy FES Mexico. LAREDO is a skilled fighter with a tactical combat operations background. He was able to take advantage of SERE course provided by American military. He has helped the UK Royal Marines by conducting training in the jungles of Brazil with special operations units from that country. Afterwards he joined the select group of Captain Ferco.

Note: Laredo is the cousin of Capitan Ferco.

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