Head, torso, amour: ROC Viper commando
Legs: ROC Terra Viper
Cannon: ROC figure

The Highlander:
Head and pistol: Tartar soldier (golden compass)
Body: ROC Viper commando
Webbing: ROC MARS industries officer
Backpack and gun: ROC Neo Viper
Axe: World War HULK

Deathwish and The Highlander act as a team when in combat, they are the Vanguard for any Iron Grenadier assault and the rest of Destro's troops follow them into combat, at a safe distance, as Deathwish is always armed with experimental M.A.R.S weaponry that could prove deadly to friend and foe alike and the Highlander swings his massive axe wildly!

Deathwish is Destro's favorite Prototype weapon tester (guinea pig). A real daredevil, Deathwish has little regard for his own life and much less for that of others. He is always armed with M.A.R.S prototype weapons and armor most of them never tested in the field.

The Highlander, is one of the Iron Grenadiers most valued close quarter fighting experts and trainer. He is very proud of his Scottish Highland roots and prefers wielding a heavy axe into combat, only using guns when absolutely necessary.

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