Head - ROC Cobra Red Ninja
Body - Star Wars X-Wing Pilot
Other - Miscellaneous Bits

The Cobra Bazooka Trooper is a running gag for me and my friends. This figure is based on my strategic operations.

The Cobra Bazooka Trooper can be considered either one Cobra Commander's most brilliant or dumbest plans. They are highly trained in all forms of long-range scope weapons like the Barrett M107, M110 SASS, and M91. They are considered the best of best with the average Cobra snipers.

Now issue them a M20 Rocket Launcher and watch the fireworks.

With the accuracy of a sniper rifle and the destructive power of the rocket launcher, there is no denying that these troopers get the job done. One thing is for certain though, once you're in there sights there is no escape.

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