Head- Ozone 91
Torso- Big Ben 00
Arms- Action Marine 94
Waist- Hydro Viper 88
Upper legs- Roadblock 92
Lower legs- Gen. Tomahawk 00
PKM machine gun- 21st Century Eastern Warrior

File Name- Alvarez, Umberto S.
Primary Military Specialty- Infantry
Secondary Military Specialty- Armor
Place of Birth- Matanzas, Cuba
Grade- Sargento de Primera (Sergeant First Class)

From his humble beginnings growing up on his family's sugar farm to guerrilla fighter in the mountains of Cuba, Berto grew to become a strong and determined man driven by his sense of duty and instinct for survival. As a tough and loyal soldier in the Cuban Revolutionary Armed Forces (FAR), Berto's recruitment into the OKTOBER GUARD was a calculated step when they were looking to expand its forces to include their allies outside of the Eastern Bloc. A seasoned combat veteran who has survived many dangerous situations, it was his skills along with his strength and unflinching courage that have kept him alive to fight another day. Whether hunkered down inside a machine gun nest or a tank, or charging the frontline with his PKM machine gun in tow, Berto will not give up the fight until the fight is done.

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