Head: Storm Shadow? ( modified Dr. Doom Face)
Torso: Crimson Guard
Belt: Pirates of the Carribean
arms: Barricade
Legs: BAT v. 2
crotch: ?
holster: ?
cape: modified super hero cape

I always thought Dr. Victor Von Doom was the greatest super villian. I always loved his costume and that great mask he had.

I had an old Dr. Doom figure and I decided I wanted his mask/face for another custom guy I was working on. When I got it dremeled off I realized that I could make a Dr. Doom figure. I found a ninja head and attached it. It was perfect. The rest of the body came together easy. The hardest part was getting the cape to fit a 1:18 scale figure. But with my Dremel and some extra parts it came together great.

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