Head: Croc Master (epoxy)
torso: Dr. Mindbender (modified with red wire)
legs/crotch: Big Boa
arms: Big Boa
air tanks and mouthpiece: corps

Gun: modified charbroil flame thrower

This is one of the figures I was never happy with and came back to. Hades 1 was a lot more plain with nothing too exciting. Hades 2 however is revamped!

One of Cobra's finest soldiers. He takes the name from the Greek god Hades, who is the lord of the dead and ruler of the nether world. Its said he was once dead and brought back to life by Dr. Mindbender. Upon restoring his life he injected him with a prototype serum that gives him super human strength. Hades is a mercenary, who thrives off of doing Coba's dirty work.

- I got this idea from the Batman character Bane, who I always thought in a way looked like Croc Master.

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