Head: Laser Viper v1
Chest: Roadblock v 5
Arms: Storm Shadow v2
Waist: Shockwave v1
Thighs: Shockwave v1
Feet: Mutt v1

Baroness v5 rifle

A few months after I did Beach-Head I realized I made a lame custom. I decided to redo it and here it is. So I looked at my masked figures that I have & found a Decimator head but it didn't fit Roadblock chest. Then I remember I had a Laser Viper in my base for the Joe figures as a P.O.W, but I didn't have the heart to take the figure apart. So I bought the head on eBay. So when the head turned up two weeks later, that's how long items take from the US to the UK get here. So when I started to paint the head I put blutac around the eyes so the paint wouldn't get the eyes.

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