Head-Jurassic Park (Thanks to Jeditaz for the head!)
Torso-Greenshirt or Breaker
Upper Arms-Green Shirt/Breaker
Lower Arms-Recondo
Legs-Tunnel Rat, modified
Feet-ROC Flash

Timbits Box-printed
Revolver-Tunnel Rat
Beaver-craft store

The Canadian GI Joe Convention guys have put together some interesting new characters. For several years their exclusives were in the o-ring style, but starting in 2009, they switched to the 25th. Timbit was a 2008 exclusive, released the same year as Snowbank, which I also have done in the 25th style. This version of Timbit took some work, used green stuff for the vest, and removed and filled in the holster and straps on the upper Tunnel Rat leg. You can check out the bio on this character at joecanuck.com.

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