Bandana-Tunnel Rat
Mask-Resolute Comic Pack Storm Shadow
Torso-Training Snake Eyes
Upper Arms-Monkey Wrench removed dreadnok
Lower Arms-Televiper Modified
Upper Legs-Para Viper Modified
Knees-Wolverine Colossus Modified
Lower Legs and Feet-Televiper
Waist Sash-Resolute Comic Pack Storm Shadow
Axe-Resolute Comic Pack Storm Shadow
Staff-Ninja Battles
Web Gear-Matt Trakker, Storm Shadow, Hard Master, World Peacekeepers, Flint, Firefly, and one more I can't remember...

This is Dice, Ninja Force member and Marvel Comic star. I noticed the vintage Dice is wearing a bandana under the face mask, so I removed Tunnel Rat's banadana and used it. Also I dremeled and sanded off the padded rows on the viper forearms.

I cut the viper forearms and straightened them. I used Green stuff for some of the viper pad/strap, and used Wolverine Colossus knee joints modified to fit and altered for the shape of the knee pad. Then I removed the accessories from the para viper upper legs. I had to mix the paint for the purple and the skin tone. I used ROC Storm Shadow ropes, Hard Master star and greenstuff (I think) for the arm band. See the recipe for the web gear.

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