Head: Heavy Duty V1 heavily modified
Chest: Repeater V1
Arms: Stretcher
Waist: Hardball
Left thigh: Deep six v2
Right thigh: Dusty v2
Feet: Pathfinder v1

Helmet: Duke v8
M16: Winter operation 05
Medical case: Lifeline Tiger Force 88

As you can see, I tried to give this figure, in the second picture, a forehead. but it didn't turn out that well. For some strange reason taking Heavy Duty's baseball cap off this custom looks like Stalker. I wasn't even trying to do that.

General Hawk's files:
Over the last two years Beach-Head and I have been watching Dogtags from afar and we are very impressed in how he works. A few times he has helped wounded Cobra troops on the battlefield. I can say some of my men here aren't happy that he does that and I've heard some saying a good Cobra is a dead cobra. So when I gave Beach-Head his own command and said, "Who would you like as a medic in your unit?" Without hesitation he said Dogtags.

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