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Head : DTC Cobra Troopers
Torso : Chief Torpedo (mod.)
Arms : ? (mod.)
Waist : Chief Torpedo (mod.)
Thighs : ? (mod.)
Lower Legs : Ace
- Mod. w/ a bunch of random straps and pouches w/ 25th Anny. Firefly gear

Firefly operates a small elite unit of Sabotage and Demolition experts known as the Night Creeper. They preform duties for the highest bidders, mostly being Cobra. However, they have performed duties for the Joes as well. Its all about the money for Firefly.

For this custom figure, I wanted a design that closely represented the old ARAH flavor, only Action Packed! I got as many little accessories on it as I could without it being weighed down or drowned out.

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