Copperhead body, Gung Ho head, Flint beret

Sgt. Slaughter left G.I. JOE to train Cobra soldiers in Iraq. Slaughter felt G.I. JOE did not appreciate the blood, sweat and tears he put into the team. After asking for a promotion, he was named Commander of his team: Slaughter's Marauders. There was never a monetary raise given to Slaughter for this "promotion."

Slaughter felt the team he was given were a bunch of "worthless pukes." Slaughter announced he was disgusted with his country, claiming G.I. JOE had "gone soft." Slaughter aligned himself with an Iraqi military general (General Adnan) and Colonel Mustafa. The three of them called themselves The Triangle Of Terror. Cobra Commander welcomed them with open arms. Slaughter liked the take no prisoners attitude of Cobra.

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