Shrunk and Cast Clint head, performed by Asphalt
SDCC ROC Destro body, modified.

Customized barrel extension on the revolver.

An EXCAL crime story...

Many men were asked to fill the large boots of the Bat Man, while he was off saving the world. We know Selina Kyle was enlisted, and we know it did not turn out well. Various recruits of the Bat Man ("boy wonders" was what the press called them in jest, as one seemed to burn out right after another) were no match for Gotham's Rogues. Batgirl, in fairness, did her part well, at least until her injury, but the criminals were getting bolder the longer the real Bat Man was away.

The Nite Owl, really, was the only suited crime fighter to sustain any lasting success in the caped crusader's stead. But he was just one man, and tough as he was, he was no Bat Man.

The city's populace seemed unwilling to put their faith in any "cape" not worn by the Bat Man himself. Gotham Police Commissioner James Gordon, who felt the wrath of a scared and weary city, and was still stung by the near death of his daughter, turned to the only resource he knew and trusted: he sought a cop who was as tough as nails, and who was as ruthless in the performance of his duties as the Bat Man, plain and simple. It took a nationwide search of officer candidates, but in the end Gordon settled on, then heavily recruited, a famed (or was it infamous, Gordon remained unsure) San Francisco P.D. Inspector to help clamp down on the crime-ridden streets of Gotham, and maybe even take down some of the corruption within his own department as well: Detective Harry Callahan.

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