Star Wars Tsanne Isard head
ROC Baroness hair
ROC Attack on the PIT Baroness torso and arms
ROC PP Baroness legs
Skirt, scratch built from vinyl
Shades, scratch built from plastic packaging

It took me awhile to decide to add the Baroness to my EXCAL verse, mainly because it took me awhile to really start enjoying G.I. Joe characters again. But once I looked at my long list of cat-suited beauties in my custom collection, I realized it only made sense to add her to the mix.

Story-wise, she and Destro are on the outside, looking in, at the new hierarchy of the MEDUSA organization. They remained surprisingly loyal to Cobra Commander's cause, long after his apparent assassination. While the Baroness urges Destro to make a power play, he knows something she does not.

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