Head: ARAH Road pig
Torso/Arms: MU Luke Cage
Legs: MU Warpath
Belt: Chap Mei pirate
Loincloth: inkjet fuzzy paper

Know, O Prince, that the first Conan story I ever read was the adaptation of 'City of Skulls' by L. Sprague de Camp and Lin Carter in Savage Sword of Conan issue 59. That story started my lifelong love of the Conan Mythos.

I also liked his companion in the story, Juma. I was disappointed to learn in later years that it was the only canonical or semi-canonical short story he appeared in, and only briefly taking part in the novel 'Conan the Buccaneer' by the same authors. He also appears in the novel 'Conan the Hero' by Leonard Carpenter. Not read that yet, but I have a copy on the way.

As I completed my Conan figure, I was already planning this custom. I had used the torso and arms from the Warpath figure for Conan, so I thought it highly appropriate that I use the legs for Juma. I wanted a more colourful look for him, so I got my copy of Savage Sword of Conan Volume 5 out for reference. For some reason, the first head that came to mind was Road Pig. I sanded down the hair and added a couple of links from a chain for earrings. Sculpted the waistcoat and used a clay extruder to do the tops of his boots. I printed out two different leopard skin patterns onto fuzzy felt inkjet paper, then went with the lighter print.

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