Volcano-Viper, Metallic Blue Acrylic Paint

Volcano-Viper Officers are Volcano-Vipers specially selected by the Volcano-Viper Commander to take charge of teams of Volcano-Vipers during missions that require more than one or two Volcano-Vipers to complete. Volcano-Viper Officers must have a minimum of two years' experience, and have a background in geothermal energy, geophysics, geology, high-tech munitions and hardware, and the study of volcanoes. Most Volcano-Vipers have a good working knowledge in these areas, but Officers must be far more proficient, as well as having leadership skills and an ability to operate and keep a team together in obviously dangerous conditions. Unusually, compared to most Cobra divisional officer candidates, Volcano-Viper Officers are not selected for their ruthlessness. A ruthless Alley-Viper Officer might commit his troops to a seemingly reckless objective and get away with it. A Volcano-Viper Officer who behaves this way is almost surely going to get himself and his men killed in a particularly grim fashion. Rather, Volcano-Viper Officers are selected for above-average intelligence, common sense, an ability to quickly analyze a situation and determine the most logical course of action, and to keep a cool head when the heat is on -- often literally. The blue trim of their uniforms has no impact one way or the other on the protective properties of their gear, and is simply an easy way to distinguish an Officer in a crowd.

"If you can't stand the heat, get out of the volcano!"

(Note: After my copper-colored Volcano-Viper Commander, I wondered how one of these guys would look in metallic blue, and thanks to Mastermind I received an additional Volcano-Viper, so here you have him!)

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