Head: Zartan R.O.C. alt.
Hair: Agent Helix
Arms & Jacket: Storm Shadow R.O.C.
Torso: 25th Duke motified
Belt: Copper Head
Legs: Arctic Destro
Guns: Random Joes
Sword: custom made, fodder parts

So you want to know about Dante? You mean the son of Sparta? Well let me tell yeah, nothing is more troubling then a man with a death wish. I'm just saying he's just plain nuts! He goes out there with just a cocky smile and a look in his eyes. I swear he just gets off on this demon killing crap.

Once I watched him take on this demon. That sucker had to have been twenty feet tall. Dante didn't even blink he just got all relaxed and insulted its manhood?! Yeah its freaking MANHOOD!! Then he fights it and nothing can explain how awesome Dante is. That you have to see with your own eyes. Well anyways some joker came around asking questions about him not long ago too. Said his name was Zartan or something like that. Crazy looking sucker!! Oh leaving now? well good luck and if you have any more questions just come back to old Enzo ok? I could really use your money HAHAHA!!
To Be Continued........

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