12" Giant man

Body: ROC Ripcord
Head: Dragon Models

3 3/4" Hank Pym

Head: Unimax WWII soldier
Body: ROC Reactive impact armour
Lower Legs: ROC Zartan

1" Ant man

Warhammer 40K Catachan Officer, custom sculpt arms and Warhammer Fantasy head (heavily modified) and hands.

Hank Pym discovered 'Pym particles' Which gave him the power to grow to any size he desired. The Joes quickly recruited his genius into their team, he now leads the G.I.JOE Avengers or Joe-vengers a team dedicated to battling the Super-powered threats that Cobra creates in their secret labs!

I created this figure as my own original interpretation of the character Giant man, he is a mix of all his incarnations including the Ultimates, Goliath and the Giant man version on The Avengers: Earth's mightiest heroes. My favorite aspects of the figure is the way the 12" version and the 3 3/4" versions have similar heads.

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