Gen. Ross

Hat: ROC Zartan
Body: 25th Duke (Jetpack)
Head: Indiana Jones
Face: Lee Scorsby (Golden Compass)
Decals: Cobra stickers


POC General Hawk with different heads and flesh tones: 25th Hawk and Duke.

Frustrated with his inability to capture Bruce Banner and the Hulk, the General has turned to the G.I.JOE team. This decision is not popular with the Joes, as the General's Ahab like behavior towards the Hulk puts them all at risk.

My interpretation of Ross is as an army General, and I felt that he would naturally turn to the world's best G.I.JOE! The most difficult part of this figure was the face transplant. I had to be careful that it was seamless. I'm very happy with how it turned out.

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