Head:Green shirt
Torso: Duke v1
Arms: Downtown v1
Crotch: Green shirt
Upper legs: Green shirt
Lower legs: Downtown v1
Helmet and backpack: accesory pack

1. Marauder's gunrunner.
2. Downtown's mortar with tripod from Sgt. Savage figures.

Hi guys!! Downtown is my avatar on Casa Slaughter (Spanish forum of GI Joe). I thought my character deserved to have more versions and I discovered Green Shirt Pack... with my head in all the figures!

Seeing that, I thought Downtown could make for a character from G.I. Joe's early years. This is him had been out circa 1984.

Today he has another gun from Marauder's. The mortar in pic 4 is upside down (but... My Downtown's mortar is in the same position!)

That's all folks!!

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