Head: Cast from pluv (TriGate/SDS?)
Torso: MARS Trooper or NEO Viper
Legs, Arms: Beach Head
Misc. Guns & Knife

One of this custom's critiques was Roque's eyes being on the large side. I was trying out the eye painting technique of starting with black, then white, and I got too much black... which meant too much white to cover it, and so on. I went off center with the first pupil, too -- so I just decided to have him looking off to the left, instead of straight on. For those of you familiar with the story, that turns out pretty apropos.

With all the washing and dull-coat, the scar over his eye doesn't pop like it originally did -- I might have to drag a redder line down the center to bring some of that back.

Mostly Roque was a boringly attired character -- and was a boring custom. I was pretty happy with the way he turned out, just from the simple fact that the custom has *some* character to it.

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