Head : Matt Tracker
Helmet & Armor : Matt Tracker
Torso : Matt Tracker
Legs / Right Arm : Destro
Left Arm : BAT
Cloak : Darth Maul

These Star Wars Figures were created for an extended verse by my Son and me. The story takes place right after the destruction of the Death Star at the climax of the film, Return of the Jedi. The inspiration behind this extended verse came from an argument concerning the title of the film, Return of the Jedi. A lot of fans believe that the title is referring to the surfacing of an extinct religion of the Jedi by Luke becoming a Jedi facing his fears and destroying the emperor. It was my interpretation that the title is actually referring to Anakin returning from the Dark Side back to the light of the Jedi becoming the first force user ever to accomplish that. There's also the debate of his title 'the chosen one' who would bring balance to the force. Now in a religious context he did in terms of Noah and the Ark with Luke and Leah being the only force survivors. However, the force has always been defined in terms of good verses evil. There's only one true way to bring balance to the Force in those terms and that's total extinction on both sides. I also find it interesting how Anakin lived his life in balance as well. Twenty years as a Jedi and Twenty years as a Sith. To bring true balance to the force, he's still got twenty more years in him as a being of the Force capable of exercising both sides of the Force.

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