Head: Airtight
Torso: Lightfoot
Arms: Lightfoot
Waist, Legs: not sure anymore... probably Law v1

Hi-Fi is based on stankdawg's Rumble custom, which is part of the very first JoeCustoms group project.

I renamed it because there is a different character in my (customs) Joeverse named Rumble.

Anyway, this one took years to finish. It's designed around the time period of the last decade, when I was just starting out with customs, and never finished it. The figure got painted around the last two years or so, and again, lay untouched, and placed in the "needs accessories" bin.

I've recently finally gave him some weapons, along with several old customs from the "need accessories" bin. Although I had exact duplicate accessories used for stankdawg's Rumble, I decided to use different accessories, to further differentiate the two customs (besides also making him an almost deaf character).

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