Head: Action Pilot
Torso: Blaster
Right Arm: ?, probably from BF2000 figures
Left Arm: Charbroil
Waist: Dodger
Legs: not sure anymore

This one took years to finish. It's designed around the time period of the last decade, when I was just starting out with customs, and never finished it. It always had the assigned codename of Turbo in its LBC stages.

The figure got painted around the last two years or so, and again, lay un-submitted, and placed in the "needs accessories" bin.

By this time I planned to give a driver figure to each Hasbro vehicle toy that didn't have one, and his paint scheme is in accordance with his assigned faction, the Eco-Warriors, to man the Eco-Striker.

I recently finally gave him some weapons, but decided in the end to rename him from Turbo to Turbocharger, because I had plans for the Turbo name for a future custom project.

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